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Exploits Of A Genre Fan – A Book For Film Buffs

November 18, 2013

In A Dark Room Front Cover

Love films and TV? In A Dark Room encompasses my reviews of modern genre films, chiefly, thriller, action, fantasy and horror such as Saw and Saw II, The Devil’s Rejects, The Butterfly Effect, The Amityville Horror remake, White Noise and Paranormal Activity et al. Also featured are lengthy articles on Alan Moore film adaptions, superheroes on the big and small screen, and contemplations on modern horror and western cinema. Also included are my Unlocked Box cult TV pieces, which were originally published in Fireworks: The Melodic Rock Magazine. The book is rounded off with a series of interesting interviews with acclaimed genre writers, authors and journalists such as David Langford, Roz Kaveney, David Bishop and Kim Newman, amongst others. In A Dark Room is a handy collection of writings for fans of genre films, TV and books. This 444 page 6.69″ x 9.61″ paperback includes photos. Also available on the Kindle. ISBN: 978-1493675814. Visit &

In A Dark Room Full Cover


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Paperback –

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