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Film Buff

November 15, 2013

I’ve been a film buff for as long as I can remember; before I got into rock music, even. As a kid I devoured films. I must have watched at least one film every night after school. I had shelves and cupboards full of video tapes and was a local visitor to the many video shops in my home town. Ah, the glory days of the video shops. Don’t you just miss those? I was never a fan of Blockbuster stores. It was the local independents that I loved; the ones that specialised in back catalogues. It was at those shops where I discovered ’70s and ‘80s horror films, cult classics and foreign films. I really do miss those days.

In A Dark Room Front Cover

I completed a degree in film studies at Middlesex University, which I detested, and though Uni drained my enthusiasm for films I still continued to collect DVDs and film books though I sold most off my video collection, which I now regret. But fear not, I bought all those films on DVD and now have a collection in the thousands. My interests drifted towards rock music during and immediately after Uni but slowly I started to rekindle my love of cinema. I became a film buff again.

When I started writing about rock music for musicOMH I was given the opportunity to write some film reviews which I enjoyed very much. I then penned a column in Fireworks magazine called Unlocked Box, which focused on contemporary cult TV. I also wrote a few articles for MediaMagazine which is aimed at college students.

I’ve never been interested in sport – my interests have always been films, books, comics and rock music. #yesI’

My latest collection is something a little different from the music based books I’ve released in the past. In A Dark Room – Exploits Of A Genre Fan is my first non-music based book. And not my last! (Details to follow when the contract is signed and counter signed.)

The book includes my reviews for Hard Case Crime novels, the aforementioned Unlocked Box features, lengthy articles on Alan Moore film adaptations, modern westerns and politics in horror films as well as reviews of genre films such as The Amityville Horror remake, Paranormal Activity, The Devil’s Rejects, Hellboy, Babylon A.D., Saw and Saw II, The Butterfly Effect, The Chronicles Of Riddick and White Noise et al. There are also interviews with the likes of Kim Newman, John Clute, David Langford and Lisa Tuttle. It’s a book jam-packed with genre related articles, reviews, features and interviews.

This 444 page 6.69” x 9.61” paperback includes photos. Also available on the Kindle. ISBN: 978-1493675814. Visit

 In A Dark Room Full Cover


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Paperback –

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