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November 13, 2013

I first started writing about music after I left Uni back in 2003. I began my rock writing adventure by contributing to websites like musicOMH and other lesser known sites, and then I moved onto fanzines such as Fireworks and Powerplay. I’ve contributed to Record Collector, Big Cheese and Rock Sound over here in the UK, too. I wrote mostly for Fireworks and Powerplay, though. They’re great to write for and very lenient with the word count. It’s becoming a joke now with some magazines. I mean, how can you possibly say what you think about an album in less than 100 words? There’s hardly much point in listening to the whole album. It’s the same with music books. I read 100 word reviews of my books and wonder if the reviewers have actually read it or just skimmed through and looked at the pictures!

These days all my spare time is spent working on books.

Back in 2006 I had an idea for a book which became Defenders Of The Faith: The Story Of Judas Priest (Omnibus Press) and from there the books have rolled on, thankfully. The Priest one was fortuitous timing because of the reunion and the new album Angel Of Retribution. Since then of course there have been more books on the Metal Gods (some very good ones!) as well as my second book on the band Dawn Of The Metal Gods (Iron Pages), written with ex-singer Al Atkins. It is his life story. I even penned a third book on Judas Priest called Rock Landmarks: Judas Priest’s British Steel (Wymer). Anybody would think I like Judas Priest!!

JP Cover  AA Amended  British Steel Front Cover

After Defenders Of the Faith I contacted Martin Roach at Independent Music Press with some ideas but none of them worked but he offered me a biog of Robert Plant. It was a very hard book to write in a short space of time. I guess it shows. I’ve written better books since, though, it has come out in three languages. I then moved on to work with Chrome Dreams on Bon Jovi and Linkin Park titles and back to Omnibus Press for Journey. I’ve also written books on Iron Maiden (Voyageur Press) and Metallica, AC/DC and You Me At Six (IMP) as well as Bon Jovi’s Slippery When Wet, ZZ Top, UFO and Iron Maiden for Soundcheck Books.

Journey Final Front Cover Metallica RP Cover ACDC Front Cover (2)

Along with the way I’ve spoken to so many rock stars, many of whom are listed on my blog and can be found on this page:

Hard Rock Rebels Front Cover FINAL

The interviews have been published in the mammoth 400+ page collection Hard Rock Rebels – Talking With Rock Stars. It includes interviews with members of Iron Maiden, Europe, Journey, Judas Priest, Queensryche, Saxon, Foreigner, Van Halen Motley Crue, Thunder, Slade, The Darkness and Scorpions, amongst dozens of other bands.

Hard Rock Rebels Cover FINAL

Hard Rock Rebels is for sale on Amazon.

Amazon UK –




Amazon US





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