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Rock N Roll Recollections

November 12, 2013

One fantastic aspect of writing about rock music is getting to speak to so many cool rock musicians and writers. In fact, as my books (Rock ‘N’ Roll Sinners Volumes I, II & III) of writer’s interviews will attest many seasoned rock hacks have just as many awesome stories as the musicians themselves, though some of the writers think they’re rock stars too but that’s another story and one I won’t get into here. Anyway, I’ve spoken to dozens of awesome musicians from big named rockers in such bands as Motley Crue, Van Halen, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden to virtually unknown musicians in upcoming bands. I’ve published all of my interviews in the mammoth 400+ page collection, Hard Rock Rebels. You’ll see by reading the book just how interesting and rewarding being a rock scribe can be at times.

Hard Rock Rebels Front Cover FINAL

All these stories and my general love of rock ‘n’ roll got me thinking about writing a rock ‘n’ roll memoir, a fictional account of a band during the hair metal era of the 1980s. And so about 5 years ago, simply for fun, I started to write It’s My Life. When I finished it I very nearly got it published but the consensus amongst publishers that I spoke to was: what would be the point in publishing a book about a fictional band when we could publish a book about an already established band and thus have a market to sell it to? Fair enough. I then discovered Createspace and decided after a bit more tinkering to the text to publish it myself through Amazon’s POD company. It was a fun book to write in my spare time and while it won’t make me rich or win me any prizes I like (hope) to think it is a fairly entertaining slice of rock ‘n’ roll and a fun tribute to 1980s hair metal. There are lots of funny anecdotes, stories diary entries and such and while they’re all fictional they are also entirely plausible.

It's My Life Front Cover

Here is the opening paragraph:

“Kurt Cobain killed my career before he killed himself.

That one line pretty much defines everything I’m about to tell you.

As soon as grunge spread its diseased breath around the world, my band The Druids lost our record deal because sales dropped as a result of a select group of bands from rainy Seattle; ticket sales declined and we quickly became relics of a bygone era of music. Heavy metal, hair metal, glam metal, whatever-you-want-to-call-it metal was a big draw in the eighties but in the preceding decade a bunch of flannel wearing suicidal quasi-artistic so-called visionaries made us look like twats. It was a long time ago but despite the passing of time I’m still more than a little pissed off.”

It's My Life FINAL Cover

Here is the cover blurb: 





 This fictional rock memoir tells the story of Johnny Cannon, an Alice Cooper tribute singer who was once in a band called The Druids, one of the most exciting and distinctive bands of the hair metal era. They released two albums (The Flight Of The Druids and Kingdome Come) and toured the UK, Europe, America and Japan. Vividly recalled and explicitly written, this “mock rock memoir” is filled with hilarious anecdotes, candid diary entries and is also a handy historical document of a bygone era. Hair metal was big business in the eighties until grunge exploded and consequently it became universally derided and a “thing of the past.” Many bands lost their record deals, folded or suffered constant line-up changes and were reduced to playing in tiny clubs. Johnny Cannon was there and he can tell you everything.

Johnny Cannon tells the history of The Druids and the hair metal genre from the early eighties to 1991 when everything changed. It’s My Life (Stories Of Excess By A Former 80s Rock Star Turned Tribute Singer) is Britain’s answer to Motley Crue’s hugely successful autobiography The Dirt.

The book is for sale now in paperback and eBook. I have pasted links below.

Amazon UK –



Amazon US –



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