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1972 Bickershaw Festival

November 4, 2013

I’m hoping to get in touch with anyone who attended or was involved in the 1972 Bickershaw Festival which many music fans may know featured the Grateful Dead (who played a five hour set!), Captain Beefheart and The Kinks. This now legendary festival, organised by the late TV presenter and former Wigan market trader Jeremy Beadle, was held in Bickershaw in Wigan, the neighbouring town to St Helens; my home town. If anyone can help please email me at

  1. I didn’t attend the 1972 Bickershaw Festival, but I must draw your attention to your mistaken belief that Wigan is a neighbouring town to St Helens.
    Wigan Metropolitan Borough is actually a neighbouring ‘local authority area’ to St.Helens. The town named Wigan is a considerable distance from St.Helens, which is a local authority area itself, not a town.
    Bickershaw is not in Wigan, it’s in Bickershaw. It is, however, under Wigan council, although in 1972 it was not. Therefore, neither the town called Wigan or Wigan council played a part in the 1972 festival regardless of what they claim.

    • Thank you. I feel like I know enough about Wigan, now 😉
      And “considerable distance” really? Not that I care. Because I don’t. But it is hardly far away.

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