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August 31, 2013

Rock ‘N’ Roll Sinners – Volume I: Rock Scribes On The Rock Press, Rock Music & Rock Stars Paperback – August 30, 2013

by Neil Daniels


Rock Scribes On The Rock Press, Rock Music & Rock Stars…

“Neil’s got folks who can put the brushstroke hither and thither, talking up regional stuff, the ins and outs of the Internet, mag publishing, book publishing… all useful and interesting for those who want to partake of this world.” Martin Popoff from his foreword

Rock ‘N’ Roll Sinners is the first chapter in a trilogy of books featuring insightful and highly entertaining interviews with some of the world’s most successful and respected rock and metal scribes. Ever wondered what it takes to be a rock journalist? In this extensive collection of interviews, seasoned rock author Neil Daniels has interviewed 65 rock and metal journalists from around the world. With a foreword by the revered Canadian metal author and journalist Martin Popoff, Rock ‘N’ Roll Sinners is a worthy historical document for the serious enthusiast and can be used as a handy reference guide for the aspiring rock and metal writer. This hefty collection, which was previously published as the critically acclaimed All Pens Blazing – Volume I, makes essential reading for rock and metal heads the world over.



“…the aggregate of this book is an at minimum interesting and at max fascinating read for any rock fan…friggin’ well all of this would be interesting to any rocker” –


“Ever wondered how Metal Hammer’s and Classic Rock’s contributors got their jobs? Most of them reveal the truth behind the art of the music hack in this collection of over 60 interviews with the world’s best-known rock writers.” – Metal Hammer

“All the major rock mags are covered here, with no scribe outstaying their welcome. Read this because you remember these great writers from happier days, read this because you want an insight into what drives them…” – Powerplay


About The Author

NEIL DANIELS has written about rock and metal for a wide range of magazines, fanzines and websites and is the author of twenty books. His titles include biographies of Pantera, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, AC/DC and Metallica. His other Createspace published books are AOR Chronicles, Rock & Metal Chronicles, Hard Rock Rebels – Talking With Rock Stars and It’s My Life – A (Fictional) Rock ’N’ Roll Memoir. His websites are and


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