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AC/DC – Powerplay Mag Review

May 23, 2013

AC/DC: The Early Years With Bon Scott

Neil Daniels

Independent Music Press


Everybody is familiar with AC/DC. Well, bits of AC/DC anyway. Everyone knows a bunch of their classic songs, everybody knows Angus Young and his antics, but here and now in the current musical era it’s a different story. Now, a lot of younger fans see bands such as AC/DC, Motorhead, the Ramones, the Rolling Stones and Guns n’ Roses as little more than familiar logos on knock-off t-shirts. This is why it’s so important that books like this one continue to be published.

The history of rock is fascinating no matter your particular era, and this particular band has one of the most reliable careers in the musical pantheon. The early years of AC/DC featuring the legendary Bon Scott on vocals, spanning 1975’s “High Voltage” to 1979’s “Highway To Hell” before Scott’s death in 1980, are revisited with vigour and respect here by author Neil Daniels.

With a style both journalistic and affectionate, Daniels takes the reader through those turbulent and culturally thrilling years which have echoed down the years and continue to influence present artists. Nothing is left out, thanks to extensive interviews with key players in the AC/DC story as well as a wealth of others, including a foreword from Bruce Kulick and an afterword by Doro Pesch.

The appendices are wonderful too, taking the form of an overview of the Brian Johnson years post-Bon Scott, a selected Discography and a fascinating timeline of relevant events. Frankly, if you have even a vague interest in AC/DC, you will find a great deal of entertainment and insight in these pages.


Powerpoints: 9


Andrew Hawnt

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