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About Neil Daniels

May 23, 2013

The Official Blog Of Writer Neil Daniels – Author Of Books On Rock & Metal & Other Writings…


***Writer, Co-Writer & Ghost-Writer***



“UK classic rock expert Neil Daniels has been quickly, methodically making a name for himself as one of the most prolific and academic of rock biog penners…”

– Martin Popoff


“Daniels really gets under the skin of the rock ‘n’ roll industry…”

– Joel McIver


“I enjoy reading Neil’s interviews almost as much as my own!”

Jeb Wright


“…this man obviously takes his rock n’ roll very seriously!”

– Greg Prato


“[Daniels gives] an insight into the minds of some of rock ‘n’ roll’s greatest characters…”

– Malcolm Dome



My name is Neil Daniels and I write books, reviews and articles on rock and metal. I live in the North West of England.


My most recently published books are Metallica – The Early Years & The Rise Of Metal and AC/DC – The Early Years With Bon Scott published by Independent Music Press and Iron Maiden – The Ultimate Unauthorized History Of The Beast published by Voyageur Press in the USA and Jawbone Press in the UK.


I will update my blog with reviews, interviews and articles on all my current and forthcoming books.


I have books due on UFO, ZZ Top, Pantera and Bon Jovi in the second half of 2013.


I have an Amazon UK author’s page:


And an Amazon US author’s page:


I am hoping to write official, semi-official and unofficial biographies. I work largely on my own as an independent freelance writer, but I have recently worked with the renowned literary agent Matthew Hamilton at Aitkin Alexander Agency in London. If you want to contact me through Matthew his contact details can be found here:


I am eager to write more articles and other journalistic odds and sods. I have a degree in film studies and have written film reviews as well as bits here and there on books and comic books.


I have written sleeve notes for Angel Air and BGO releases and am available to write sleeve notes for other record labels.


I regularly promote my work and am always available for interviews about my books and other things. My email address is should you wish to contact me.


Join me on Twitter:!/NeilDanielsBookk


Join me on Facebook:


Join me on LinkedIn:


I have an official website that sometimes gets updated:

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