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AC/DC – What The Press Say…

May 18, 2013

Here is a list of quotes from ALL the reviews of AC/DC – The Early Years With Bon Scott that have been published so far.


Online reviews…

“This book is a great read for any newcomer to the world of AC/DC, as the historical background is all there. For a means of learning how the band formed, the members who came and went, how Bon Scott came into the picture and the production of the albums, and songs, this is a great resource.”

Jeb Wright – Classic Rock Revisited (


“Engaging, easy to read and authoritative, Neil Daniels’ latest offering “AC/DC- The Early Years with Bon Scott” is essential reading for fans of the band. Having grown up watching a Brian Johnson fronted AC/DC and only hearing Scott on record, this book almost brings the band’s earlier line-up to life and is a great insight into their rise to worldwide success.”

Nikk Gunns – Get Ready To Rock (


“Writing through to the recruitment of Brian Johnson as the new singer, Daniels provides insights that demonstrate his research as well as his own love for the band, without allowing his own personal views to shine through too much in his writing. Even offering a ‘bonus’ chapter on the history of the band since the recruitment of Johnson (although given that it is just a chapter, it’s brief), the book is not only a representation of the formation of one of rock and metals greatest bands, but also a historical text which will inform new fans, remind old fans, and satisfy those who simply wondered how things came to be.”

Dave Nichols – Loud-Stuff (


“Daniels style is engaging and covers in excellent detail the first six years of the band. He traces the bands roots back to Scotland and follows the band from beginning to end of the Bon era, and a little bit more on the last 30 years. Each chapter covers a year and Daniels provides great detail on the various Australian vs. International pressings of the first few albums. It’s very detailed and well researched.”

Joshua Wood – Metal-Rules (


“From their humble beginning to super stardom the songs have a life story of their own and their journey is skilfully recaptured by the author Daniels…In capturing their early years Neil Daniels has shown that if you remain true to yourself and the music you believe in the fans will follow your journey to the end.”

Bailey Brothers – Rock United (


“Daniels keeps the narrative moving along nicely with just the right level of detail and this is a book that can be easily digested in a couple of sittings, not unlike his take on the early years of Metallica that was published in 2012. A timeline of events, discography, truncated history of the Brian Johnson era and a foreword by Mick Box and afterword’s by Bruce Kulick and Doro Pesch complete the story. Highly recommended and comes at an affordable price from Independent Music Press (”

Dean Pedley – Sea Of Tranquility (


In print…

“The narrative documents each album and tour, with quotes from old interviews and plenty of dates and stats.”

Chris Roberts – Classic Rock




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