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Metal Gods

October 18, 2012

I’ve just discovered a great review of my book with Al Atkins, Dawn Of The Metal Gods, at Metal-Rules. Check it out:



“Above and beyond reading Atkins’ life story, I learned an incredible amount about rock music, early British music history, of course early Judas Priest. If you are like myself and had doubts as to the validity of this book, cast them, aside and grab Dawn Of The Metal Gods.”

Joshua Wood – Metal-Rules,%20Al%20&%20Daniels,%20Neil&album=Dawn%20Of%20The%20Metal%20Gods-My%20Life%20In%20Judas%20Priest%20and%20Heavy%20Metal.%20(Book%20Review)&post_by=JP,%20Al%20&%20Daniels,%20Neil&album=Dawn%20Of%20The%20Metal%20Gods-My%20Life%20In%20Judas%20Priest%20and%20Heavy%20Metal.%20(Book%20Review)&post_by=


You can buy the book from Amazon and the publishers, Iron Pages Verlag.

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