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Metal-Rules Reviews

October 17, 2012

Canadian metal-head and all round good guy, Joshua Wood, has written reviews of my British Steel, Metallica and Iron Maiden books at


On British Steel:


“Daniels essentially dissects the album, strips it to the bare bones and leaves no stone unturned. Loaded with quotes and great trivia, it’s pretty much the definitive work on that album. Very compact, readable and affordable I hope there will be many more in the series.”

Joshua Wood – Metal-Rules



On Metallica:


“There are many good bonus features, a Foreword by Brian Tatler of Diamond Head, an introduction by Daniels, quite a few black and white photos of cool memorabilia, timelines, a discography, lots of references and additional materials and an Afterword by author and NWOBHM expert, John Tucker. The most interesting bonus feature (above and beyond the biographical account of the 1980-1989) is an appendix with a collection of succinct and well-written mini-biographies about various American bands that (for the most part) were part of the rise of Thrash Metal.”

Joshua Wood – Metal-Rules



On Iron Maiden:


“Daniels gives equal time, energy and devotion to all eras of the band, it’s nice to see the Blaze era get some respect and attention, despite a general sentiment among Maiden fans that it was a lower point in the bands career arc. As this is a new book it includes recent developments such as and the Final Frontier Tour and the retro tours. Daniels also includes some interesting sidebars such as a spotlight on Dickinson as a renaissance man and a mini-feature on Iron Maiden enduring and expanding global popularity.”

Joshua Wood  – Metal-Rules





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