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Martin Popoff Review

October 12, 2012

Here’s a freelance review of my Metallica early years book from Canadian metal author heavyweight Martin Popoff…




Independent Music Press


UK superscribe Neil Daniels writes about as many metal books as me an’ Joel McIver these days, and his latest captures the cozy feel of his innovative All Pens Blazing duo, what with all the writers (disclosure, me included) getting to drop their two cents in on all things metal. Seriously, that’s the main positive of this lively tome, because, who needs a short Metallica history after all that’s been said? No, what Neil’s done is lean towards context, having all manner of industry-watcher describe in detail what Metallica’s first four albums meant then and mean now, making for an intellectually satisfying hybrid between history and review. And from the inside of the biz, it really is cool to see what all these people you know really think about the band’s industry-shattering thrash madness, what it meant to metal as a whole, why it was so damn good, and why the heck …And Justice For All sounds so damn weird. Cool idea, nice presentation, a few errors, but all told, a delightful read for the serious Metallica fanboy.

– Martin Popoff

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