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Metallica Book – Reviews So Far

August 25, 2012

Here is a list of quotes from ALL the reviews of Metallica – The Early Years And The Rise Of Metal that have been published so far.



Online reviews…



“Fans of Metallica will find plenty to sink their teeth into with Metallica: The Early Years And Rise Of Metal. Their journey from an obscure bar band to the biggest metal group in world has been an interesting one, and the time frame covered in this book is what started it all. There’s also an appendix that covers Metallica’s later years, and also an interesting section on other thrash bands of the era.”

Chad Bower – Heavy Metal (


“We do get some good stories though about how Lars Ulrich introduced pretty much everyone in L.A. to the British and European metal of the time. There’s no denying that this is interesting stuff…”

Ken McGrath – (


“This book focuses on the band’s first four discs (I love the track-by-track rundown of each), the impact that the NWOBHM had on the band, and the influence the band in turn gave to other metal bands. An easy, breezy read whose worth lies in the atmosphere the stories give more than any newfound knowledge to be plucked off the pages.”

Greg Pratt – BW&BK (


“Daniels is a music bio vet who has a unique way making any story interesting…Daniels does a fine job of telling the tale of four of the most groundbreaking albums in the Thrash genre. This is a fine read from beginning to end.”

Jeb Wright – Classic Rock Revisited (


“It’s an insightful look at one of metal’s most important bands, and though there have been many books written about them, Metallica have never seemed as easy to understand as after reading this.”

Steven Rosen – Curled Up With A Good Book (


“The book has some interesting photos of memorabilia dotted throughout it and a selected timeline/discography…A good read recommended for fans of the band, new and old (although maybe not so many new fans after the abomination that was the ‘Lulu’ album!).”

Jason Ritchie – Get Ready To Rock (


“Daniels has done just this through Metallica – The Early Years and the Rise Of Metal, focusing on an era where Metallica weren’t just another money making machine intent on hammering out tunes we’ve all heard before, instead focusing on a period where everything was new and exciting, and Metallica could really make their mark. Whether you’re a fan or not – this is a read which will inform, captivate and intrigue you – well worth looking into.

Dave Nicholls – Loud-Stuff (


“Each album is covered in detail, including not just a look at the music but also how the cover art was conceived. One interesting element is the rare memorabilia pictured throughout the book. There are flyers of early shows, ticket stubs, t-shirts, and, amusingly, a letter to the fan club apologizing for being slow to answer correspondence… 3/5”

Gillian G. Gaar – Powerline Mag (


“This is a well researched and executed insight into what it takes to be Metallica; a band who wouldn’t compromise their beliefs, played it harder and faster and in time evolved into a formidable monster that is Metallica… It’s a good read; it’s unauthorised and unofficial but informative and entertaining.”

Bailey Brothers – Rock United (


“The voices of the band are heard via the wealth of existing interview material and the author does a good job of keeping the narrative moving along at an even pace. An entertaining read and a book that can easily be digested in a couple of sessions this is another very well researched effort from Daniels.”

Dean Pedley – Sea Of Tranquility (


“The Early Years and the Rise of Metal is definitely worth checking out whether you’re a fountain of knowledge when it comes to the Bay Area’s finest or you want to learn more about some of the greatest music ever recorded. Buy it, read it, then force you friends/mum/little brother to read it while you blast out the first four albums whilst flashing the devil horns and head banging like it’s1986.”

Stuart Patterson – Subba Cultcha (


“Metallica: The Early Years And The Rise Of Metal offers a fantastic overview of the period before the Black Album, it clearly defines Metallica’s importance in the scene they helped create and pay homage to those that made it possible.  Some interesting contributions from a range of their peers adds some colour and the archive quotes from the band are insightful and show the progression the band made from wannabes to world beaters.”

Julian Alpin – Tape To Tape (



And in print…



“…the real strength of ‘The Early Years’ is the passion and strength with which it tackles Metallica’s initial development. So much so that I listened to the first three albums as I read the opening chapters,  although an even bigger compliment coming from the fact that I was inspired to purchase ‘…And Justice’, so I could revisit it for the first time in sixteen years. No many books have the power to make me go shopping!”

Steven Reid – Fireworks


“…for anyone needing an entry level introduction to the origins of Metallica and their place in the bigger metal picture, this is not a bad place to start.”

Marcus Jervis – Powerplay



And personal email to me…



…It’s like all of us just having beers around the kitchen table with the band. Man, like a gathering of friends, band and other rock stars included. Highly readable, totally useful, and a real addition to the Metallica books out there… nice job. Classy design too.”

Martin Popoff – Metal Author & Historian


You can buy Metallica – The Early Years And The Rise Of Metal from here and here

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