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Iron Maiden Book – Reviews So Far

August 25, 2012

Here is a list of quotes from ALL the reviews of Iron Maiden – The Ultimate Unauthorized History Of The Beastthat have been published so far.



Online reviews…



“In all, Daniels has crafted a very high-level and easy read with Iron Maiden – The Ultimate Unauthorized History of the Beast, and top it all off, it’s packaged expertly, prime for your coffee table, where Eddie’s piercing eyes await.”

David E Gehlke– (


“If you’re diehard Maiden fan, this book is essential, period. Iron Maiden – The Illustrated Unauthorized History Of The Beast, is the book that will take Neil Daniels from being merely known as just another established rock writer, and thrusts him into the upper echelons of greatness.”

Ryan Sparks – Classic Rock Revisited (


“Neil Daniels fresh from his book on Metallica’s early years now turns his attention to one of the [greatest] metal bands of all time, Iron Maiden. This is a lovely illustrated tome with live concert photos plus memorabilia including concert tickets, posters and backstage passes. Good, quality finish – this is no cheap cash in book… For a reasonably priced illustrated history to the band you can’t go wrong and ideal for fans/collectors and the more casual metal reader.”

Jason Ritchie– Get Ready To Rock (


If you are a fan of Iron Maiden, then The Ultimate Unauthorized History Of The Beast is a must own book for your collection. If you are a casual fan wanting to learn more about Iron Maiden and their amazing history, then consider this your Bible. Anything that you ever wanted to know about Iron Maiden is all captured in permanent ink. From the well written scripture to the amazing photographs, to the awesome images of every Iron Maiden album and single cover, The Ultimate Unauthorized History Of The Beast is an Iron Maiden fan’s dream come true.”

Rye Vie – Hard Rock Hideout (


“This is definitely a must-own for any Maiden fan or any fan of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal scene. For metal-merch fanatics like me, it’s like porn. I would do bad things for the Maiden baseball tee on page 81.”

Craig Hlavaty – Houston Press (


“This 224-page book gives us one of the most detailed histories of one of heavy metal most iconic bands, Iron Maiden. Not only do you get the back-story to their success, but you also get over 450 color and black & white pictures of the band throughout their history.”

J. Pasinski – JP’s Music Blog (


“…the book is a good read and it simply looks great so I don’t see any reason not buying this one.”

Pim Blankenstein – Lords Of Metal (


“…when it comes to a combination of biographical information, great photos and useful information, ‘Iron Maiden: The Ultimate Unauthorized History of the Beast’ can’t be topped.”

Chad Bowar – Loudwire (


“When all is said and done, Daniels has truly supplied fans with an “ultimate” manual of Iron Maiden, granted a fair portion of the written material won’t be “news” to the avid fan, but hopefully that won’t stop anyone from buying a copy. Reading the book from cover to cover serves as an excellent romp through the band’s history.”

Scott Jeslis – Metal Express Radio (


“If you’re a Maiden fan that wants a nicely packaged look at the band’s history, this is the book for you.”

Gillian G. Gaar – Powerline Mag (


“The only way to read this book is to get the hulking great physical copy and if you love Iron Maiden then you really, really do need Neil [Daniels’] exhaustively researched and frankly rather beautifully presented book.”
The Oracle – Total Music Magazine (



And in print…



“At around £25, this is a respectfully written and eminently enjoyable biography that loses very little by not being officially endorsed. Neil Daniels’ bibliography seems to be expanding at an alarming rate and this is probably his best work thus far, and certainly the most aesthetically pleasing.”

Phil Ashcroft – Fireworks



You can buy Iron Maiden – The Ultimate Unauthorized History Of The Beast from here and here

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