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Books For 2013 Publication

August 25, 2012

Upcoming Books For 2013…


I’ve got **six** confirmed and contracted books due for release in 2013, which I have detailed below. I’ve also written a bit about my print-on-demand ventures and foreign editions.


My last published book for this year is called You Me At Six – Never Hold An Underdog Down.This is something a little different for me as most of my previous books are focused on what you might term “legacy artists” (i.e. bands that have been around for years.) Never Hold An Underdog Down is a little paperback biography of the rising British pop-punk band; covering their music, influences and tours, etc. It’s published in September 2012 by Independent Music Press. This will be my third and final book published in 2012; following my Metallica and Iron Maiden titles.




Untitled ‘Early Years’ book

This will be my second early years’ book following on from my well-received Metallica one, which was published in May 2012 by Independent Music Press. It will cover the early career of possibly the biggest band in the world right now. I love their music and had a blast writing this book. There’ll be the usual bits ‘n bobs like a postscript on the latter years, a timeline, discography, etc and there’ll be lots of previously unpublished photographs too.

It will be published in February 2013 by Independent Music Press.




Let It Rock – The Making Of Bon Jovi’s Slippery When Wet

My second book on the New Jersey rock band; the premise of the book is obviously in the title. But not only will it be about the making and aftermath of their best ever album but also a potted history of the early years. I think their first four albums are still their best work and I’ll tell you why in this book. Lots of interviews have been done for the book; plus I’ve compiled some previously unpublished live photographs. You get the picture.

It will be published in the first half of 2013 by Rock N’ Roll Books.




It’s My Life – A (Fictional) Rock Memoir

It’s My Life is a fictional rock novel about an eighties British hair metal singer whose career was killed by the grunge scene. Consequently, he ended up working in a warehouse by day and fronting an Alice Cooper tribute band by night just to make ends meet. To be honest I just wrote it for a bit of fun.

It will be published in mid 2013 by Rock N’ Roll Books.




Untitled rock biography

Another big rock biography with lots of interviews done and unpublished photographs compiled. This British band has been around since the late sixties, and they still make great music and perform stunning live shows. Their history is a complicated one so the book isn’t easy to write but I’m getting there. I’ve done some killer interviews so far and am already half way into writing it.

It will be published by Soundcheck Books in late 2013.




Untitled rock biography

This is not a rock biography per se but rather a reference book with a similar layout to my Linkin Park one. It’ll be the first book on a great American blues rock band; a band with a thirty plus year history and an undying legacy. There’ll be a potted history of their career as well as a detailed analysis of their music plus mini biographies of associated personnel and bits and pieces of trivia, a timeline and so on.

It will be published by Soundcheck Books in late 2013.




Untitled metal biography

Published by a major American company, this will be the first ever biography of one of the most important American metal bands of the 1990s. There are two distinct phases to their career, which might cause you to correctly guess the name of the band. This is probably my most detailed biography to date and the first biography of one of my favourite bands, ever. They only released a few albums but their prominence in the metal world is still felt to this day. They are such an iconic band that I could never do them justice in this short paragraph. I interviewed lots of people for this one – ex members, roadies, personnel, photographers, etc.

It will be published by Backbeat Books in late 2013.





I’m still toying with the idea of publishing All Pens Blazing III and Rock ’N’ Roll Mercenaries III but these books are self-funded and it’s not easy to make my money back. I’m not sure if people want to read more rock writers’ interviews too. I’m in no rush to get these books out. I’ve also got an idea to publish a book called AOR – Reviews Of AOR Albums In The Noughties, which is a collection of my AOR reviews from various magazines and websites over the past ten years. I publish my POD books through AuthorsOnline.





I can’t actually say much about any forthcoming foreign editions of my books but suffice it to say I’ll have at least two different foreign editions due for publication in 2013. Watch this space for details.



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