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Metal Book Reviews

June 22, 2012

An excellent review of my Metallica book by the renowned US rock critic Steven Rosen has just gone online over at Curled Up With A Good Book. Here’s quote:


“It’s an insightful look at one of metal’s most important bands, and though there have been many books written about them, Metallica have never seemed as easy to understand as after reading this.”

Steven Rosen – Curled Up With A Good Book (


Read the full review here:



Also, a detailed review of the 2010 paperback edition of my Judas Priest bio, Defenders Of The Faith, has just been published on Loud-Stuff. Here’s a quote:


“Well written and containing countless photographs of various band members and moments of historical interest from their career, Judas Priest: Defenders Of The Faith should not be seen as merely an account of the highs and lows of a heavy metal band, but instead should be viewed as a historical account covering 30 years of one of the most influential and important bands in the world of heavy metal. Further to this, this shouldn’t be seen as a book solely for the Judas Priest fan, it’s a book which will appeal to fans of music, fans of biographies and quite simply, anyone who is interested in how metal came to be.”

Dave Nicholls – Loud-Stuff (


Read the full review here:—defenders-of-the-faith.html



More reviews to follow as and when they come in!


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