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May 15, 2012

I’m still promoting the hell out of my Metallica book and you can read about the book in the interviews I’ve done so far, which are listed below:


Decibel Blog (2012):


Get Ready To Rock (2012):


And here are some reviews:


More to follow in coming weeks (or days)…


Other than that I’m working on five contracted books at the minute, which I have detailed in a past Blog entry. My next published book is a huge illustrated full colour coffee table book on Iron Maiden due in June. Watch this space for details!


One common misconception about metal fans is that we only listen to the heavy stuff. Metal fans are some of the most literate and broad minded people of any type of music lover. At the minute I’m going through a heavy singer-songwriter phase; mostly American. I’m picking up CDs by Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and James Taylor et al. I’m also reading a hefty biography of Neil Young called ‘Shakey’ by Jimmy McDonough. It’s a tremendous work of music biography and scholarship. The book itself has an interesting history, which you can read about online. There is lots of fresh interview material that the author has used but also a lot of previously published interviews culled from throughout Young’s career, which got me thinking about the controversial and often debated subject of “cut and paste.” A lot of authors get lambasted for using past research and quotes with little or no original research, but even writers who use a good balanced mix of new and old interview material also gets criticised. It’s rather frustrating for an author to read a 100 review where the critic has used the term “cut and paste” but avoids any mention of the original interviews that are also featured. Personally, I think a good mix of research that is both new and old shows how much in depth the author has been with his or her research. The sheer amount of information on the Internet and the ease at which you can find stuff has made it so that every critic can attack authors for using old interviews. ‘Shakey’ is one of the most astute music biographies ever published with a hellva lot of research gone into it and the writing is excellent; there’s an abundance of previously published quotes as well as a lot of unpublished ones too. The point that I’m making here in this mini rant is that critics – and I guess I’m one of ‘em to an extent – should think about what they’re saying about an author’s research before they print their comments. This is not aimed directly at one critic or publication or about any of my stuff; it’s just a general observation.


Next up on my reading list, which is mostly non fiction, is a biography of David Bowie by Christopher Stanford whose Bruce Springsteen bio is also on my pile of ‘to read’ books.


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