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June Is For Journey

May 28, 2011

Don’t Stop Believin’ – June is for Journey!

Well this month – and next – is all about Journey. The new album Eclipse is released in the UK on 30th May and the band begin touring the first week of June. I have yet to hear the album but from what I’ve read it’s an absolute killer – their best (and heaviest) since Frontiers although Dave Simpson would not have you believe so after reading his 2/5 review in the Guardian. Still, melodic rock reviewers have raved about it.

Just a reminder that you can buy my Journey biography here:

Some reviews have started to drip in now and thankfully they’re both good ones:

Rock United:

Sea Of Tranquillity:

Excerpts –

“…an accurate and obviously well researched biography…”

Malcome Dome – Classic Rock (

“As a lone-time yet casual fan of the band, I found the band’s story very interesting and quite surprising… I received the book on Thursday, used every possible opportunity to read it and finished it on Sunday. That’s a recommendation if any.”

Kimmo Toivonen – Rock United (

“A very entertaining and well researched biography, Don’t Stop Believin’ is as close as you will get to the story of Journey…”

Dean Pedley – Sea Of (

Also, I’ve done a whole bunch of emails on Journey – there’s nothing like a bit of shameless self promotion. Hell, it’s got to be done. Check out these links:

Sea Of Tranquility (2011)

UGO (2011)

NoiseCreep (2011)

Addicted To Vinyl (2011)

Rock United (2011)

Subba-Cultcha (2011)

Hard Rock Chick (2011)

BW&BK (2011)

Get Ready To Rock (2011) –

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  1. Laura Tough permalink

    Did you ever holiday at the three Lochs caravan site between Newton Stewart and Stranraer around about 30 years ago?

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