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Mick Rock – Book Review

December 22, 2010




Mick Rock is one of the most famous and revered photographers in the business; his most notable work includes iconic shots of Queen during the seventies and David Bowie. This collection spans his entire career which dates back to 1972 when he took photos of Bowie who was then relatively unknown; Rock also charted the rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust. Rock’s career skyrocketed thereafter as he worked with Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Syd Barrett, Ike & Tina Turner, and today’s icons Lady Ga Ga, The Killers and U2. Though British, Rock is based in New York and has been since the early eighties though he holds regular exhibitions of his work around the world. This finely produced glossy coffee table book captures some of his most famous work and some of rock’s most iconic stars. There’s a foreword by the famous British playwright Tom Stoppard and an afterword by Andrew Loog Oldham, formally the manager of the Rolling Stones. If you’re a keen enthusiast of rock photography this is definitely something to pick up though beware of the hefty price tag, which is often the case with these types of books. But the quality of the photographs themselves is exemplary.

Copyright Neil Daniels © 2010

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