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New Journey Bio Due 2011

November 20, 2010


By Neil Daniels

 Published by Omnibus Press

Due Early 2011

I’m already getting a few emails about this.

I can’t say too much yet. Suffice it to say it’ll be the first ever biography of the greatest melodic rock band in history with sales of 75 million worldwide. It’s a complete history going right back to the band’s origins in the early seventies with some background info on Santana. The story will then move right up to the present day.  There’ll be loads of great pics and extensive appendices. I’ve got some original and exclusive first hand interviews and I’ve used a wealth of information to get the story together.

The publication of the book looks set to be brought forward to coincide with the UK tour – which I’m very excited about – and obviously the eagerly awaited new album which will probably come out in Europe around April via Frontiers. So books will be ready around that time.

You can already pre order it at Amazon and Here are the links:

I’ll put the cover online as soon as it has been designed.

  1. James permalink

    If there is good dirt on why my favorite singers Robert Fleischman and Jeff Scott Soto were kicked out of the band then im buying it.

    I hope this isnt a book that had to be picked apart and fine tooth combed by Cain and Schon before us fans hear the real deal.

    I’ll need to hear this is a good account and not censored before any money leaves my wallet.


  2. Andrea Hallam permalink

    I, also, hope that it will tell the TRUTH behind Perry’s comings and goings….. not what is “allowed” to be printed. We’ve had far too may rumours and tittle-tattle over the decades. Somehow I’m not optimistic though!

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