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Ultimate Metallica Book Review

October 26, 2010



(Chronicle Books)

Photographs speak louder than words… that’s what this book is all about. With a foreword by Lars Ulrich and an afterword by Kirk Hammett, ‘The Ultimate Metallica’ is a fine tome with a simply incredible collection of photographs taken throughout the band’s now lengthy career.

The bits of text are also fascinating including Halfin’s ‘Random Thoughts On Metallica’ bit which explains his past rift with the band; and the introduction by the band’s manager Peter Mensch also explains a thing or two about Halfin’s relationship with them. There’s also a conversation at the end of the book between Halfin and rock scribe Steffan Chirazi which is interesting.

‘The Ultimate Metallica’ is all about the visuals and with so many books now flooding the market on Metallica, this book of visual documentation along with Joel McIver’s bio of the band and his tome on the late Cliff Burton are all you really need in your rock library. It’s a gorgeous looking book from the same publishers that released Neil Zlozower’s books on Motley Crue and Van Halen, which are equally outstanding.

The only downfall for these types of books is the unsurprisingly hefty price tag and this one says £22.95 on the back. But you do pay for quality and these books tend to be for collectors only so in that regard the price is irrelevant. Halfin is never one to mince words on his blog but one thing is for sure, he’s a damn good photographer and this book is proof of that.

It is an indispensible collection.

Copyright Neil Daniels © 2010

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